The Institute for Global Dialogue and Culture of the Meeting was created by an interdisciplinary group of intellectuals, educators, professionals, workers, business leaders, social referents and institutions committed to the Pope’s Pontificate.

In its foundation, in 2015, the need to value and make visible what Francis calls the existential and spiritual peripheries that the globalization of indifference generates within the framework of economic systems that put people at the service of markets instead of putting markets at the service of people.

The purpose of the IDGCE is education and training, education and knowledge transfer.

Our actions include communication campaigns, publications, local and international seminars, online and face-to-face training programs, assistance in solving specific situations related to our work axes, promotion of public policies, generation of spaces for dialogue between actors and diverse sectors, common agreements, research projects and territorial intervention.

At the territorial and public policy management level, this implies identifying problems and using a methodology that articulates the human dimension within the framework of an integral ecology.

The visibility of those who remain invisible in a world guided by a high degree of consumption and individualism will allow us to focus on how to achieve an approach to the common good.

We work to achieve a praxis that articulates thought and action for this hopeful challenge that is to vindicate man and his environment as central elements in the construction of a future, which potentially develops economic and political models based on the dignity of the person.

The Institute for Global Dialogue and Culture of the Meeting is promoted by the Pan American Foundation for the Integral Development of Higher Studies

“ Every dialogue,” says Francis, “is a conversation: roundtrip of proposals, of listening, of openings. Where social peace needs social justice and respectful responsibility for differences. ”

[1]  We changed our name as Chair of Dialogue and Culture of the Meeting to IDGCE in 2018.