In this space you can access publications, research and articles as crystallization of the experience of the Chair and its multidisciplinary approach.

Declaration of Rome

Declaration of Bogotá

 Emotional poverty

Lic. Gastón Gelblung – Founding member of the Chair

 To learn to see and be seen

Prof. María Inés Narvaja – Founding member of the Chair

“We are water, we are future”

 Bank of digital presentations based on the activities carried out by the chair. Editable and public use material.

 2015 activities summary

  Meeting “Education, Dialogue and Innovation: the challenge of thinking new educational worlds” (28/4/16)

The university as a citizenship school. Contributed by Cristina Campagna

 Encyclical Letter LAUDATO SI ’From the Holy Father Francis on the Care of the Common House Click here to adhere to the Encyclical with your commitment

 Video presentation of Laudato Si

 Pope’s trip to Cuba and the United States. Homilies 

 Presentation September 16, 2015, Pan American Foundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Download Presentation

 Presentation September 17, 2015, Rosario, Argentina. Download Presentation

 Spirituality, Transcendence and Politics -Gianni Vattimo – Philosopher

 Access the document  in original Italian version

 Spirituality, Transcendence and Politics – Pbro. Dr. Carlos María Galli dialogues with Gianni Vattimo.

 The Otherness as a Christian Radical Humanism – Hernán Brienza, Politologist and journalist, dialogues with Gianni Vattimo.

 Pope Francis and the theology of the people 

Juan Carlos Scannone S.I.